Lawnmowers for a perfect English lawn

                    Cylinder Lawnmowers use a cutting cylinder that mows the grass when turning. The grass is cut perfectly and precisely to provide a lush green English lawn.

                    Get the well-cut lawn of your dreams

                    The cylinder technique on the hand-driven lawnmowers offers an accurate and short cut that's gentle on the grass and gives you a greener end-result. Optimal for the perfectionist that dreams of that perfectly kept English lawn.


                    Quiet and easy-to-push mowing with clever cutting principle

                    All GARDENA Cylinder Lawnmowers have a contact-free cutting principle where the rotating cylinder and the fixed blade do not touch. The distance between the blades is still so extraordinarily small that the grass is sharply cut. This means that the lawnmowers are particularly easy to push and extremely quiet.


                    Eco-friendly mowing with no emissions

                    The hand-driven lawnmower is the natural choice for your garden. Quiet and without any harmful emissions, it will keep your lawn green and well kept the year around.


                    Attach a grass collector to your lawnmower

                    Easily assembled without tools and available for all GARDENA Cylinder Lawnmowers, the grass collector has a large capacity and is foldable for easy storage.

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