Effectively remove moss to let your lawn breathe again

                    Attractive design, optimum manoeuvrability and plenty of power for efficiently revitalising your lawn.


                    Scarifier for a greener and healthier lawn

                    For a healthy lawn, matted grass and moss should be removed with a scarifier once or twice a year. The galvanized steel blades cut into the lawn pulling out weed and moss.


                    Lawn rake for a greener and healthier lawn

                    The GARDENA Lawn Rake works in a more gentle way. It can be used throghout the whole season and if used regularly, it helps to avoid the formation of moss.


                    Efficient and powerful work

                    Low-wear blades made of specially hardened, galvanised stainless steel penetrate the soil by millimetres – efficiently and sustainably removing matted grass, weeds and moss.


                    Tackles the toughest conditions with excellent results

                    Problem-free starting thanks to the powerful PowerPlus Motor that allows powerful work without interruption. It moves nearly by itself and only needs to be steered. Gives you a moss-free lawn with a green touch.



                    The compact Lawn Aerator is ideal for easy and effortless work, and requires little space for convenient transportation and storage.


                    Safe pushing

                    For problem-free pushing over pavement or tiles, there is the transportation position with which the blades are easily and quickly folded upward.

                    Year-round care for your lawn – gentle and efficient
                    Intensive care for your lawn – powerful and with long-lasting effects
                    Collecting Bag
                    Article No. : 4065-20
                    Accessory for Electric Lawn Rakes and Lawn Aerators

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